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Finding the right college for you is easy with the help of BTA consultants!


BTA Education offers a range of education services for students and families including college consulting, education advocacy, and coaching. For specific information about our services, check out the descriptions below or explore the menu links above. Click here to contact us directly.

I could not have a dreamed of someone more compassionate, knowledgeable, helpful & dedicated in helping to get my daughter the education she needs and deserves. [T]here is no one I would rather have by my side in this rigorous fight than Janet.

- Gina, Education Advocacy Client

College Consulting

We help students and their families find the best-fit college by understanding the student's (and their family's) goals, objectives, and constraints. Based on this profile, we work with our clients to build a list of colleges, and then work with them through the application and acceptance processes. For students with disabilities, we help them to secure needed supports on-campus, and we provide first-semester support to ensure they have a successful transition to college.

Education Advocacy

If you have a child who is struggling academically or socially, at school or at home, or if you have child who has been diagnosed with a disability, we can help. We specialize in helping children with dyslexia, but we work with families with a wide range of needs.


Being a parent can be challenging. Being a child, adolescent, or young adult can be, too. If you or your child are interested in working with someone who can help you articulate your goals and achieve them, overcome obstacles, or work through changes or shifts in your lives, our coaches can help.

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