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Resources for College Applicants or Current Students

Our Favorite College Blogs

  • Jessica Slaughter - This is the blog of Jessica Slaughter, a recent graduate from the University of Texas at Austin; she's now a Software Engineer at Google in Austin, TX.
  • College Life Made Easy - Everything you need to succeed in college, right at your fingertips! This blog contains your usual tips and tricks plus weekly calendars, blank planners, a comprehensive packing list, and financial information.
  • Money State University - Going to college often comes with one common burden: money. At Money State University, finance major Alexandria Hitt describes super helpful information about budgeting and loans that normal teenagers (and potential parents!) probably aren't aware of! This is a must-visit for prospective college students (and those who may be paying for them!).
  • Hack College - Filled with personal stories and creative how-to's, Hack College is an essential blog if you're looking for new ideas.

As prospective college students, we suggest using every tool at your disposal to research your potential college or university. Whether it means chatting with academic advisors, researching official college websites, Googling students blogs/vlogs (or any other -ogs you can think of), or even talking to friends and family, we want you to be as well-informed as possible. If that means coming to us for a little extra guidance, that's great - we'd love to help! If not, that's okay, too! Just remember, "knowledge is power" (Francis Bacon), and doing a little extra digging now can make life easier in the future.

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