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Education Advocates Can Help Your Child Get the Supports They Need

If you have a child who is struggling academically or socially, at school or at home, or if you have child who has been diagnosed with a disability, it can be overwhelming to figure out how best to support them. Many parents don't know how to identify, request, and secure the resources available to them. BTA Education can help you.

We have been assisting families in Massachusetts since 2006. We specialize in children with learning disabilities (namely dyslexia), but we help families with a wide range of needs. Contact us or check out our Resources page to learn more about advocacy and see if we're the right fit for you.

Our Mission

  • We will work to help you
  • understand your child’s diagnosis and needs
  • understand your rights and special education laws
  • define and develop a school program that meets your child’s needs
  • build a team of independent specialists to track your child’s progress
  • get your child the services they need, either through working with your school or by securing outside resources
  • help you maintain your child’s school/home balance so they can explore passions and strengths and not just focus on challenges
  • help you manage the complicated family dynamics that often go with raising a child with special needs, and
  • prepare your child for life after high school.

We can help you with specific, short-term challenges, but we have developed ongoing relationships with most of our clients. We will be here to help as your children grow and develop, and as their needs change.

Let’s talk about how we can help you. Contact us today.

Janet was the voice of reason and calm during a very stressful time for us. Her knowledge and experience guided us through uncharted waters. Our daughter, once drowning, is thriving now! We are forever indebted to Janet.

Christine - Education Advocacy Client

Where We Help

Laws and services vary state by state. BTA Education's Advocacy services are currently only available to families whose children live or attend school in Massachusetts, but we are part of a nationwide network of advocates and specialists. If you live anywhere else in the U.S., we will put you in contact with experts in your area who can help you and your child.

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