BTA Education

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Coaching for New Executives

The BTA Education consulting team has more years experience in leadership and executive positions than we want to admit to. Those years have brought fantastic successes, as well as our share of failures (which we won't talk about here: sign a contract and buy us drinks first). We leverage this expertise with our clients every day to resolve strategic and operational issues, but we also use it to coach executives on a broad range of issues: everything from managing conflicting priorities and selling to executives, to addressing interpersonal conflicts and life/work balance issues.
We take a practical, problem/solution approach to our coaching: there are no touchy-feely, I'm-ok-and-so-are-you sessions involved. You tell us your challenge, and we'll work together to find a solution you're comfortable with.

BTA Education's executive coaching is for education or education technology company execs only, and is available as an advisory or paid service.  Please contact us for more information.